Popcorn With a Side of Misogynoir

thelma2I’ve just got home from seeing Thelma and Louise at the Prince Charles Cinema in London. I’m emotional and angry, and it has nothing to do with the film itself. Read more ›

Open letter to Channel 4 re: ‘What British Muslims Really Think’

This letter was originally sent to Channel 4 on 14th April and published on Facebook the same day. I have since received a reply from the broadcaster which said “we feel that this programme goes to the heart of Channel 4’s public service remit to represent the views of a religious minority on a matter of critical national importance – with careful contextualisation and insight throughout.” I have not replied yet, nor am I sure I will do so. 
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Project Period 2016 #whyhideit


This article was first published on Facebook on 7th April as part of a year-long monthly series on periods with testimonials particularly about the act of hiding sanitary products.

Before I begin this post, I have to shout out to the (potential/hopeful) abolition of the so-called Tampon Tax in the UK: the 5% tax waged on sanitary products because they’re classed as ‘luxury items’.

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