Feminist Lit Summer Reading List

It’s only been a couple of years since I began to take a real interest in Feminist literature (both fiction and non-), mostly thanks to my good friend Laura, whose book recommendations are always A+. It has been an enlightening experience, but I wouldn’t say I’m an expert at all! However, I do run a Feminist Book Club at University, so my friend and first-time Book Clubber, Sana, suggested I compile a list of good books to start with for anyone reading who wants some summer reading suggestions. (Books are listed in order of how they popped into my head…)

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The Blatant Misogyny of the Brock Turner Rape Case

longform-original-20743-1464984300-5The Brock Turner rape case demonstrates┬áboth progress and regression in a society still so evidently dominated by rape culture. Here I give my two cents on a case that impacted me viscerally enough to share two personal stories. TW: Rape, Sexual Assault. Read more ›